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Wedding Style

Well I think that we can all agree that everyone's personal style is different.We all have different tastes and can instantly tell whether we like something or not - when it comes to weddings, it is exactly the same.

If you are at the start of the wedding planning journey, your head will be birling with all the variations available - take one look at the bridal magazines and you see all the perfect glamorous incredible options, which sometimes can be rather expensive! Take a look at some of the more 'out there' websites where everything is entirely bespoke (and sometimes even downright weird - nothing wrong with that, but perhaps more of an acquired taste), but which can also cost an arm and a leg - but how do you find your own style to suit your own budget?

You have to look around. Now is the time to treat yourself to a really good planner or notebook. Set up a Pinterest account ( which is a great way to save links to websites, as there is nothing worse than trying to find a website that you have visited and not saved! While you are there, take a peek at other Pinterest pages - it works like Google and will show you more and more amazing ideas the longer you spend looking on it.

If you have always like a particular designer, put cut out photos of their work from magazines in your planner - they don't have to be wedding related, as they are just there for inspiration. If you have a favourite colour, pop that in too (paint swatches from B&Q are a great way of doing this!). Have you still got that pretty ribbon that was once on a present you received and you have saved because it was so nice? Add it to the collection.

The alternative to a planning notebook is a mood board - find a giant cork pinboard, put it up on your wall and add everything to that - take a photo of it with your phone so you don't have to carry the whole board around with you, and off you go!

I have seen brides and grooms with planners stuffed full with everything from fabric samples, to photos of alpacas, with pressed flowers in between - one thing you will need is a large ribbon or rubber band to keep everything in place and you are sorted :)

To start you off, why not take a peek at our own Pinterest page, specially curated to give you a little inspiration: Let us know what you think!

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