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Place Settings - £11 p.p.

Our per head package consists of all you need for your event.

You will still have a choice of styles and colours from stock.

The only extra cost - delivery/collection if required.

Included per person:

1x champagne flute or saucer

1x wine glass

1x water tumbler

1x starter plate or bowl

1x main dinner plate

1x dessert plate or bowl

1x cup, saucer, teaplate

1x starter fork & knife or soup spoon

1x main fork & knife

1x dessert fork & spoon

1x teaknife

1x teaspoon

1x napkin (65p - 85p range)

All washing up - return everything dirty to us


Upgrades available:

Bronze cutlery: add £3 per head

Per table - add £4.65

Water jug or 2 wonky water bottles

Salt & pepper

Bread basket

2x butter dish

Any other items can be added from stock as required.

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