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Welcome! So what do GCE actually do?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Lots of people still find it hard to understand what we offer as a business: it's understandable as we are a slightly unorthodox company!

We have two parts to our business: 1. Event support - this is becoming more and more popular with couples running a DIY wedding with a venue that has no staff or manager of its own - we are there for you to help out with anything you need from planning, all the way through to hands on during the day itself, perfect for both micro and macro weddings!

You hire us in by the hour whenever you need us to take the pressure off you or your family - we can quite happily step up and take care of everything for you.

Tables setting for 6 guests
Micro wedding photoshoot on Skye

To us, every wedding is a special wedding. Sometime we deliver items before and collect after without seeing any of the merriment, sometimes we are hands on decorating, managing or clearing up in the wee small hours. We love and enjoy being involved in every single one.

Mismatched china, cutlery and glass
Setting for one

2. A hire service - you hire whatever you need to make your special day that little bit different. This could be anything from pretty champagne glasses (soooo much nicer in photos) to china or even a 1923 typewriter for guest messages!

If you decide that you need us to lend a helping hand with your special day, or would like to hire from us: we are discreet with absolutely no social media or photos ahead of time announcing to the world that we will be delivering to a specific venue or supporting named couples.

We may hint about an exciting wedding we are chuffed to have been asked to help or supply to, we may post later on after all the confetti has settled, but on the day you are our focus and that's why we are here.

Soooooo, if there is anything we can help with, whether it be glass, china, decorating or just a helping hand - you know where we are!

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