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Time to be productive!

If like us, you are finding it difficult to focus on any tasks and trying to find some sort of routine while in the house, perhaps a little R&R wedding planning is in order...

After this uncertain period is over, everyone will suddenly be back into full on planning and suppliers will be under a lot of pressure to fit everyone in, but fear not, we have a solution to all of the craziness - do it yourself!

Now at this point, lots of people will be throwing their hands up saying 'you must be mad, do you realise how much work that means?', but no, if you are organised, and prepared to accept that your wedding might be a little different (in our book - memorable and unique), then why not?

Where to start? Well, I would advise looking at your budget and your priorities. Do you want to blow the bank account and have a full on fabulous day with a hundred or two of your friends and family, or perhaps you would like to leave a little in the account for the future and STILL have a fabulous day? Do you need the designer dress that costs £1000's, or are there alternatives that you don't even know about yet that would make you feel just as special?

Sit down with your partner and have a think about things; focus on what is important to you; whether that is the menu, wine, clothes, or just seeing lots of your favourite people who will come together for the most special day in your life. Everyone has a different view of what is the most important thing, and identifying your priorities is the first step in choosing the perfect wedding just for you.

Over the next few months, we are going to go through some of the options available to you, why not join us on the journey?

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