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So what comes first?

I hate to mention the dreaded word, but finance has to be up there when you are thinking about a wedding. There is no point planning an all singing, all dancing full day or weekend when you really could do with a little cash in the bank first.

Sooo, have a wee think about WHEN you want to be married: is it something that you just can't wait to do and have to book now, or do you have the luxury of a little bit of time to save up - or are you lucky enough to have already done the saving part and are now looking to pick a date and book things? Do you want to be married this year (it can still be done), or next? Or is there a five year plan? Everyone is different!

It is true that mid-week weddings can be cheaper with certain venues or suppliers. Some couples choose to tag their wedding on to a Bank Holiday weekend, to give everyone time to spend together (and to recover), others go for a traditional Saturday. The choice is yours (something you will hear me say time and time again).

Seasons play a part in when and where you have your celebrations too - would you like a summer wedding, or are you up for a Gothic themed Hallowe'en bash? Have you decided on red roses and winter snow, or really want a festival style mid-summer event? The venue or location that you choose also may dictate the days that you can gain access, in which case you might not have a lot of choice, so the next question there would be - does it have to be that venue?

The possibilities are endless, but it really is possible to negotiate all of this and find the perfect location, suppliers and timescale all to fit your budget - and we're here to help :)

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