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How to find a venue

You may by now have had thoughts about how many day guests and evening guests you might invite, whether you need a large or small venue, and how far you will be prepared to ask your guests to travel.

Take a moment and make a cup of tea: forget the most popular venue that everyone gets married in - you might want to be different. Sit down and write a wish list of what you both dream of: is it rural, rustic and quirky? Maybe sleek, elegant and minimalist? Full of family and children? Only for grown ups?

Perhaps you might want to take a leaf out of the American wedding book and have a late ceremony, a buffet and dancing instead of an all day affair, or would you like a complete weekend of family and food celebrating your big day (oooh, perhaps you really want a three day festival wedding!)

All these variations will ultimately lead you to different styles of venues. Do you need a large function room with fabulous catering and designer bar, lots of land to pitch up tents, marquees and have an aisle of street food stands, a small intimate venue just for a special group of people, or a castle and cottages that everyone can stay in with an experienced caterer arriving with scrumptious food?

Yes, it's a minefield - but it's your wedding, your choice. We shudder when couples tell us that their venue or caterer 'don't allow' certain things - our answer is simple - change them, choose another...if you spend time at the moment going over your ideas together, this will help to eliminate any problems later on, so sit back and enjoy this part.

Think outside the box, and write a list of dream venues to begin looking at. Remember it's your day, your choice!

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